Explora box unboxing

Due to summers it is not possible to take kids outdoor on a regularI basis.As we cannot let them watch tv all the time we also cannot rely on gadgets for their entertainment.So explora box has come up with completely fun activities as well as educational activities which keep them occupied.IMG_20181006_184634

What is explorabox?

Basically a playway method of learning as well as concept learning through different approach in a unique way.

It also enhances memory skills and boosts their confidenceIt contains 5 different activities in a box which changes every month.You can choose any theme based on the child’s interest.

Age – 2 to 4 years

4 to 8 years

8 + years


3 monthly – 2097

6 monthly – 4194

12 months -6780

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So this is basically a set of jungle safari which I received .Every monthly there are different set of activities. Myoverall experience;

1)Me and my daughter j were super excited to receive this .

Each activity were nicely packed so that we could distinguish each other 

Each pack had instructions card inside it so we can easily see how to.play .

The material was too good and sturdy 

The painting activity iNside it was really good and the best one .

Activities were really unique and made in a easier and faster way .

Though little lack of information was missing but my daughter really enjoyed it and we played together as a mother daughter activity.

Kudis to explora box

Loved it





1441 pizzeria

Ever wondered why the name 1441 pizzeria.It means 14 degrees north and 41 degrees east that is in nepal where the first woodfire pizzas were made.It is also shown in their map.


Atmantan resort

Atmantan resort is a wellness resort residing between mumbai and pune.It is the hidden gem of the mulshi ghats.FB_IMG_1502610234254.jpg

A perfect place to have your meal with healthy option on the menu.

Moreover it has a private pool in a 1 rooms with spa facility, Gym and massages too.

It is moreover a healing and ayurveda center.They take proper care of our health too.

Room costs around 9000 per night.

But the facilities provided are not comparable and Highly recommended

Juss by sindhfull

Juss by sindhfull is a pure veg sindhi restaurant located at khar in the lane of Budapest bakehouseIMG-20180601-WA0011We started with this refreshing guava juice as a welcome drink.IMG-20180606-WA0010We loved the basic interiors of the place with a woman making lassi in a very traditional way. Also as we enter we get mesmerized by the rose petals placed in small vessel.The copper plates at the entrance is a selfie spot and too catchy.Overall nicely done and utilised the place very wisely.IMG-20180606-WA0028The writings on the plates is unusual because its meaning is in SindhiIMG-20180601-WA0007We started with the sindhi speciality which is the most wanted dal pakwan.Served with green chutney,imli chutney and chandaal. It would be more preferable if it would be presented together and served.IMG-20180606-WA0032This is bheetar ji tikki which is served with green chutney and tikki are topped with crispy lotus stem.IMG-20180606-WA0008This is chole bhaji served with pao and chole tikkis and a onion salad.IMG-20180601-WA0010.jpg

No come to main sindhi thali which is unlimited and not too costly on the pocket.It has 3 sabhi namely rassewale aloo,sai bhaji sarabjit bhaji served with 3 puris and 1 paratha 

Also served is rose water ,hot steam rice,bhuga chawal which is actually the brown rice ,raita Aloo tuk and crispy onion rings deep fried.IMG-20180601-WA0001.jpg

We were insisted to try the kheer which was just so awesome and the taste of elaichi in kheer was so refreshing.IMG-20180601-WA0009.jpg

In the end do not forget to try out the kesar lassi which is the usp of the place .

The other place in the name of juss by sindhfull is a delivery outlet and served non veg too

Pee safe

Pee safe is a toilet seat sanitizer spray which is very useful when you are travelling and using English seat toilets.It protects from bathroom diseases,germs and bacteria upto 99.9%
Where to use:
1)top of toilets
2)door knows
4)toilet seats
When there are millions of people using the same toilet this is the most needed thing you want at that time for a germ free environment
There are also mosquito safe palm safe gym safe which ensures a 100%protection
Use it from a distance of 25 cm and wait for 5 sec to evaporate.
So be safe now and use a pee safe
Ensure a healthy clean and germ free environment.